A look behind the scenes: this is how we make your hardware

At Synguard, we are more than just a software company. We pride ourselves on the fact that we also develop hardware. Our own intelligent controllers are designed and manufactured in-house, all "Made in Belgium". From the firmware to the finished product, we ensure that every aspect of our controllers meets our strict standards. This is your guarantee of well-functioning controllers, even with new software updates. Wondering how this hardware is made? Then be sure to watch our video.

But why choose an access control solution where the intelligent controllers and software are developed together?

Here are seven good reasons:

  • Seamless Integration: Integrations such as OSDP, OPC, Modbus TCP/IP, HI-O, and more take place at the controller level. This avoids unnecessary loss of time between controller and software development. Moreover, there are no restrictions on future development.

  • Harmonious Cooperation: If the intelligent controller is developed by the same software manufacturer, you are assured of harmonious operation between the controller and the software. This maximises the functionalities of both components.

  • Flexibility with New Technologies: With emerging technologies, trends or new cabling models, you have the freedom to develop new controllers that work perfectly with the existing ones. You are not dependent on unknown or external parties.

  • Independence and Security: You have full control over the end-to-end secure solution, without depending on third parties. We offer proprietary vulnerability management, even for the hardware and embedded software.

  • Lifecycle management: Our controllers have been backwards compatible for 16 years. This means you do not have to worry about different firmware versions, as is often the case with third-party controllers.

  • Quality control: We maintain control over the product's quality, design, development process and updates. As a result, we guarantee a high-quality access control solution.

  • Reliable Supply Chain: Our entire supply chain is in-house, so deliveries always run smoothly. You are not dependent on long delivery times or unavailability.

At Synguard, we offer controllers of sublime quality, ranging from IP controllers to door controllers. We develop them all in-house to ensure that the hardware works superbly with our software. In short, your access control solution is in safe hands at Synguard, where software and hardware go hand in hand.