Open management platform: practical and efficient

The Synguard open management platform, the central place to go to if you want to see the movements of employees and visitors. And at the same time, you can manage the various access control and security solutions from A to Z. This platform meets all your needs thanks to the 'best-of-breed' principle and the many integration options that characterise Synguard.

Smart interaction between systems

Only advantages for you. Because the 'best-of-breed' principle ensures that you, the client, can choose which hardware and software to work with. The ultimate way to create your own personalised access management. Moreover, everything is easily managed in the Synguard open management platform.

Thanks to smart interactions, information is exchanged between the systems and you always have the information you need. Linking your other security solutions such as intrusion detection, fire detection and camera surveillance to your access management has never been easier.  Central management, safe and efficient? Check.

Automation & digitisation

The Synguard open management platform can do even more for you. Thanks to the wide range of modules and connection options, the central calculation engine and the extensive configurability, Synguard as a total solution allows you to automate and digitalise your building(s) and access flows. In a state-of-the-art cloud solution, robust and secure, of course.

A few examples of how Synguard open management platform makes your life easier and can mean a quick ROI (Return On Investment)?

  • Full automation of visitor registration, access and communication
  • Employees who have forgotten or lost their badge can obtain a (temporary) new badge without intervention, while their old badge is deactivated
  • Daily, weekly or monthly mails with an overview of everyone who entered a certain location
  • ...

Graphic plan monitor

Synguard monitor open mangement platform

A visual overview of who gets access to which buildings, the status of the various objects on the site, and controlling the hardware - that's convenient. All you need to do in preparation is enter the floor plans of your building(s), surroundings and sites into the open management platform. Because Synguard often develops brand-independent integrations, everything is nicely displayed in a graphical floor plan monitor.

Functional alarm handling tailored to your business

Synguard alarmafhandeling open management platform

We know you prefer to decide for yourself whether or not a certain event should trigger an alarm. And the same goes for how you want an alarm to be handled. At Synguard, we understand. In the open management platform, you can set the alarm handling to your own wishes. From setting a specific sound for a particular alarm to displaying instructions for the operator to follow. There are no limits.

Do you want to be notified immediately about certain events, although these are not actually ‘alarms’? This can be easily solved: you will immediately receive an automatic email in your inbox.

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