Adequate call systems

Synguard open management platform oproepsystemen

Call systems and alarm servers are indispensable in the care sector. After all, this technology enables nurses to work safely and efficiently. Furthermore, access management is synchronised between both systems. This way, there is only one place where the staff is managed and employees also use the access control badge to operate the call system. That is easy.

The right person in the right place

The alarm server distributes the various alarms to your employees’ DECTS. As a result, the care staff receive the alarms from the room call, while the technical team receives those from the technical installations. Thanks to the link with our access management system, the alarm server notifies the authorised persons .

For example, if someone presses a green emergency button at an emergency door, a signal is sent to the relevant care staff in that department and to the technical service. After all, the door has to be closed again. Safe and efficient, right?

Need a call system that does the job?