Reliable controllers

You will find sublime quality controllers at Synguard. From IP controllers to door controllers, we develop them all in-house. It's a matter of delivering hardware that works excellently with our software.

IP controllers with fallback solution

IP-controller SynApp Synguard access control

The SynApp is a powerful IP controller. It is one of the basic components of our Synguard access control solution. Directly connected to the software, on-premise or in the cloud. And it manages part or all of the (badge) reader network.

But what about a technical malfunction? Our 100% fallback operation comes to the rescue: the local IP controller itself has all the database information and intelligence to continue working independently. It will also keep track of all events and synchronise them when the connection is restored. Users will not be inconvenienced during their everyday use, while the technical department has already received an automatic email from Synguard to report a technical malfunction.

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Highly configurable door controllers

Door controller SynCon Synguard access control


A flexible door controller that flawlessly manages all types of barriers. Meet SynCon. The door controller to which all readers, inputs and outputs are connected and which can be easily configured via the uniform web interface of the software. Suitable for connecting up to 4 OSDP readers.

Door controller SynConEvo Synguard access control


This future-proof door controller was developed by Synguard to meet the latest needs in access management.

The SynConEvo:

  • Can manage up to 8 doors and 16 OSDP readers, making it the best choice for access control in both directions.
  • Works on Power over Ethernet (PoE), so even readers and door locks are powered via PoE with this controller.
  • Has a more powerful processor and more memory, your guarantee of a better fallback.

As the icing on the cake, you can choose to equip this door controller with a SAM card in combination with readers in transparent mode. This way, no one other than your own company has access to your encryption keys, not even us, the manufacturer.

The added value of a SAM

SAM stands for Secure Access Module. Thanks to a SAM, readers can work in transparent mode. This means that the security keys for reading badges are no longer programmed reader by reader, but that they are only contained in the door controller. And that makes you the complete and sole owner of your own encryption.

The transparent mode also allows the badge and door controller, which both contain the necessary DESFire keys, to communicate directly with each other. In addition, the DESFire keys are no longer in the badge reader – i.e. on the unsecured side of the door - but in the secure area where the door controller is also located.

Controller inputs & outputs SynIO Synguard


Need an intelligent embedded controller specifically designed for monitoring signals and controlling inputs & outputs? Then you are looking for the SynIO! Thanks to the extensive configuration possibilities, the SynIO is widely applicable: think of applications such as monitoring (emergency) doors without readers, detectors on windows, links with intrusion systems and even elevator control.

It can manage up to 16 monitored inputs and 16 relay outputs and is available in DIN or PCB versions.

Additional services

Montagekasten Synguard

Do you want to be able to start installation quickly on a job site? We supply our controllers in various types of cabinets, fully wired. 

Cable tray, relays, power supply and controllers in DIN version are then assembled by us and delivered ready to use.

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