The Synguard cloud: secure, accessible & cost-effective

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Simple, secure and manageable access management, a promise we at Synguard deliver for both on-premise solutions and cloud environments. Especially this last one continues to gain in popularity and is an integral part of our digitised society. A trend we also see in access control.

Why choose access management in the cloud?

  • The access management system communicates securely with smartphones and other systems outside a company’s own IT environment. Integration solutions are the future.
  • Your system always has the latest software/firmware. And that is essential for new functionalities and improvements in terms of proper functioning and security.
  • You enjoy a conclusive solution regarding the processing of personal data. Crucial for the correct application of the GDPR legislation.
  • The Synguard cloud covers all your and your employees’ IT needs (security, operational safety, daily backups, support, automatic connection to the cloud...). This way, you always have a secure, accessible and up-to-date software environment without having to worry about software and IT management.
  • The cloud environment easily grows with the installation and needs of your business.
  • Thanks to the Tier 4 data centre, you have a redundant solution that guarantees the highest level of security.
  • You enter a flexible rental model and do not need an additional software maintenance contract . In addition, Synguard guarantees your business continuity with the corresponding SLA.
  • The initial investment cost in the SaaS pricing model is remarkably lower than if you were to purchase the software yourself.
  • SaaS pricing model is remarkably lower than if you were to purchase the software yourself.

Is the Synguard cloud secure?

Absolutely. A cloud environment is often even more secure than your own local network. At Synguard, we deliver a cloud environment of sublime quality.

  • ISO 27001 certified cloud & data centres
  • Fully redundant setup in 2 separate data centres in Belgium
  • Both data centres are Tier 4 and Tier 3 certified
  • Components & accessibility are continuously monitored
  • Proactive updating of the software ensures the latest upgrades, which is especially important in the security field
  • Automatic back-ups
  • Guaranteed reachability, response time & business continuity
  • Adjustment of server specifications to fit the installation, so that the environment remains efficient even as the installation grows
  • Annual disaster recovery exercise and PEN test

On-premise vs cloud

If you do decide to install and manage the software locally, keep in mind the additional costs. Think of IT equipment and services, power consumption, paid upgrades, a maintenance contract, staff or consultancy costs, etc. These costs quickly add up and, moreover, are not reliable. If, for example, your server breaks down after a few years, it will cost you again, both for the material and services and for the damage suffered because the access management was not available during the breakdown.

Synguard in the cloud = Software as a Service (SaaS)

The software is therefore not purchased, but is part of a lease agreement. By opting for SaaS during the rollout of your access management system, the initial investment cost is significantly reduced, as it is limited to hardware and services. After all, the entire software with maintenance is included in the SaaS rental price.

If you opt for the Synguard cloud, you enjoy the total package at a fixed, predefined price. So don't hesitate.

Wondering why companies choose the Synguard cloud?