Excellent parking management – for 24/7 use of your car park

Optimal management of your company's car park(s) and partial car park(s)? A piece of cake with Synguard's parking management module. You can also use the company car park out of hours by renting out parking spaces to local residents. Efficient and easy to use, so that your company's parking spaces are no longer a source of frustration for your employees and visitors.

Custom parking management - how it works

Synguard parking management schematic

Each entrance and exit to the car park is equipped with a gate, barrier, detection loop and/or badge reader. You can also easily divide the car park into different sub-parkings. Thanks to Synguard's parking management, the number of available spaces is indicated for each sub-parking. Or you can choose to work with flexible spaces. A practical parking management system 100% adapted to your needs.

Flexible and user-friendly parking management

Because Synguard's parking management is fully integrated into the access control system, you can easily grant employees, visitors, other companies and local residents access to certain (sub) car parks. You even choose who can enter the car park and when, and how long they can stay. And you keep a real-time overview of the occupancy of all sub-parkings at a glance.

Parking spaces left? Open your car park to people outside the organisation in a flexible and paying way. They too can then book, pay for and use a space. An investment that is quickly recouped by installing a payment terminal. From Amano, for example. Because these can easily be connected to your Synguard solution. Or by opting for a linked online booking tool, such as Commuty or Alfa-Zet. That way, you'll be up to date with the latest trends.

A range of identification methods

  • Existing employee badges for access control
  • Long-range tags in the car
  • Automatic number plate recognition by means of an ANPR camera
  • A separate parking ticket machine
  • QR codes for visitors

Make the most of your car park with a real-time overview of usage? Yes, please!