Secure tracking in healthcare facilities & other sectors

Doors that can always be opened, except when certain people are nearby: an absolute plus in many situations. Together with our technology partner BlooLoc, we set up qualitative tracking systems by linking BlooLoc YooBee to the Synguard open management platform.

What is BlooLoc?

BlooLoc is an indoor location tracking system where people or materials are followed by means of an active tag.

Wander detection with freedom of movement

For example, by giving residents with dementia the necessary freedom of movement within an assisted living facility, you contribute to preserving their dignity. Synguard and BlooLoc fully understand this and totally agree. However, too much freedom isn’t good either, because patients my start to wander around. In that case, location tracking is the perfect solution.

How it works

Manage the BlooLoc tags in the open management platform and assign the right profile to both residents and staff. If a resident of an assisted living facility walks to a door that he/she is not allowed to pass, BlooLoc signals the location of that person. The integration with the access control system also ensures automatic locking of the door in question. And that out of the resident's sight.

The advantages of location tracking

  • Reduce the workload of your care staff by locking or opening the doors automatically. They do not have to constantly monitor whether any residents are wandering around.
  • Residents enjoy sufficient freedom of movement in a controlled environment.
  • People with low and high care needs live together in the same living unit without problems.

Location tracking - the ultimate solution in other sectors as well

Besides efficient care solutions, BlooLoc can also be used in other situations. In those cases too, the interface with access management offers great added value. In the logistics sector BlooLoc takes care of logistics management and automation, while Synguard takes care of access management. That is extremely convenient, for example, for identifying forklift drivers, checking whether they have a valid driving licence and logging their trips.

Wondering how location tracking is used in your sector?