Automated visitor registration

The right visitor registration fits seamlessly into your company's flows and makes life easier for both your employees and your visitors. Mission impossible? Not with Synguard's highly flexible and automated visitor registration system.

Synguard visitor management

Synguard visitor registration - numerous advantages

More time

When visitor management is not automated, it has a significant impact on your staff. In that case, visitor management is often intensive and time-consuming, especially in larger organisations. Go for complete automation and give your team members more time. Good for your employees and good for your company.

A concrete example? We are happy to share it with you.

Your team members simply enter visitors directly into the Synguard Visitor module. Visitors can also be saved to a specific visitor database. When the same person visits again, this visit can created in no time. On the day itself, the reception desk can see who to expect and with whom the visitor has an appointment. That way it remains clear to everyone.

Professional welcome

A warm welcome is extremely valuable. Always, but especially if your visitors are also (potential) customers. For example, a nice invitation email with QR code for access to the car park will definitely be appreciated. But strategically placed number plate recognition cameras also improve efficiency and the visitor experience.

Adapted to your business flow

Because visitors are managed and processed in the same database as access control, flexible configurations are possible. From staff interactions and obstacles (e.g. badge readers), to emails and welcome screens, they are all extensively configurable, such as:

  • Who is allowed to check-in which visitor and send an invitation email?
  • Do visitors receive a QR code when they register (printed at a kiosk or by email)?
  • Can visitors have access to the car park with the registered number plate?

And so much more. These numerous options make this module so flexible that it fits into every possible flow.

Personalised self-service

Synguard visitor management self-service

This warm welcome is even possible without a physical welcome by a member of staff. At a self-service kiosk or tablet, visitors can register easily and professionally. The front-end of the kiosk can easily be adapted to the corporate identity of your company. Just like the content of the application: you decide which fields are required and which are not. And it can be even simpler: a visitor can register himself in advance, just from home.

That’s not all. You can also manage all your contractors and their registrations in the visitor registration module. The access management of your employees and contractors is thus contained in 1 database with 1 user interface. As simple as that.

If granting access to your company entails a (high) risk, you should have visitors and contractors watch a security video beforehand and take a test afterwards. Passed? Their application is processed and they are given access to one or more locations. The administrator can easily create and modify this test. Or you can provide a link to your existing test platform, such as Flowsparks.

Looking for a flexible visitor registration?