Synguard integrated into BMS & PSIM management systems

Synguard open management platform PSIM

Integrating the Synguard solution in a Building Management System (BMS) and/or a Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM) is extremely simple. It also gives the end user the possibility to control and manage the entire access management system in the overall building management system.

Some known BMS/PSIM developers include Synguard in their available interfaces. Because the integration was set up and tested in both systems, you can be sure of the desired functionalities.



With WinGuard, we define PSIM+ software as a solution reaching far beyond the common scope, offering the possibility for cross-domain integration of the complete security, building and communication technology.

Another enhancement compared to conventional PSIM solutions is the connection to higher-tier mission control systems.

WinGuard collects all incidents from different security and information systems. The intelligent event visualization enables the user to easily identify situations. With the help of dynamic workflows as well as automatic actions, the user is led to the most appropriate response method in accordance with established guidelines.



Winguard is a PSIM software platform from Advancis with more than 470 different interfaces. The portfolio of supported systems is continuously increasing and steadily extended by new developments. Several techniques and systems are clearly brought together on it. Synguard is premium technology partner from Advancis.

Find out more about the collaboration between Synguard and Advancis here. You can also find our shared brochure on this page.


Benefits at a glance

  • Open platform
  • Open scalability and extensibility
  • Guided operation
  • Reports & Audits
  • Security & Stability

Entelec - Sky-Walker

Sky-Walker is an open integration platform that integrates all the technical, safety and security systems within your buildings. Whatever brand or supplier you use, you’ll end up with one intuitive management solution.

Our Sky-Walker Open Integration Platform provides one solution for the management and control of all separate systems and technologies, within buildings or at multiple sites, by combining them under one open, powerful and intuitive user interface. Most of these systems can be grouped in 3 main domains, being comfort management, security management and safety management.


Do you use another security or building management platform? No problem, thanks to our standard access control web service, we can set up the right connection in no time.

No overall management of your security techniques yet? The Synguard open management platform is the way to go. This way, you save on additional software and only work in one system for access management and the management of other security techniques.

More about the integration of management systems and access control?