Integrated fire detection with central management

Synguard open management platform branddetectie

An excellent fire detection system is crucial. It can save lives when a fire situation occurs. In that case, an integrated solution with access management is an absolute plus.

Increased security thanks to rock-solid integrations

Unlock doors in case of fire and automatically call, email or print evacuation lists. These actions can bring calm to the chaos of an emergency situation. Actions that are only possible thanks to an excellent integration of fire detection and access management. If your cameras are also connected to our open management platform, you can easily check visually whether there is actually a fire.

Using our calculation rule engine between the fire detection system and other connected solutions too ... Sounds good, and it truly is. Putting the fire station in daytime mode after the first valid entry in the morning, or activating a siren briefly when someone presses a green emergency button. These are just a few examples.

Fire detection managed at 1 central location

With a communication link, you can incorporate all fire detection messages and elements into your company's floor plans and Synguard alarm processing. The open management platform makes it easy to keep an overview. And all that thanks to our Modbus TCP/IP integration. The ultimate link for both the Inim Smartloop and Previdia fire detection systems as well as other fire detection solutions that support the Modbus TCP/IP universal protocol.

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