The web services for fast connections

Synguard open management platform webservices

Going even further with your integrations? Or connect access management to a specific solution that would be an absolute asset to your company? Thanks to our web services Synguard can set up links fairly quickly and easily.

Managing access control

For example - when Synguard becomes part of a building management system, the access control system takes care:

·         Opening doors at desired times and for a desired duration

·         Capture of inputs

·         Receiving the network monitor (real-time events)

·         Retrieving previous events

Managing staff

For example - for links to your own user database, where the following actions are performed:

·         Create new employees with associated badge info, access profiles and free fields

·         Retrieve and update employee info

·         Delete employees

Visitor management

For example - for links to an own visitor portal front-end where new visits are created for existing employees.

Managing parking events

For example - to transmit information to the system responsible for visualising car park occupancy with screens and dynamic signs. This gives you a detailed picture of the occupancy rate of the car park.

When do you use our web services?

All our links are bidirectional web service APIs, available in SOAP and REST formats. In addition, each available web service is described in an accompanying document. You can find them on our Synguard partner site.

More about the Synguard web services?