Safe and efficient lift control

Lifts, the best way to move through buildings in vertical direction. An extremely important aspect when you are rolling out access management. Indeed, what is the use of smart access control if employees or visitors can use the lift to access floors they should not have access to? The excellent lift control system allows you to choose which doors, lifts and floors people can access with a badge. Another possibility is to use lift control to give certain people priority in the lift based on their badge. And all that can be managed in one central place: the open management platform.

Lift control adopted to each profile

However, lift control goes beyond simply determining access and floor rights. Want to get the most out of your lift system? So you should. Synguard works with you to optimise lift use, combined with secure access management. Making a lift work in different scenarios depending on the person calling it is easy, thanks to integration with our lift controllers.

Think of the lifts in a hospital. As a visitor, you usually have to wait for minutes before a lift is free. As an emergency doctor, this waiting time can be disastrous. Therefore, doctors are given a certain profile in the Synguard platform that, in combination with an identification tool such as a badge or smartphone, ensures that the lift will behave differently and thus be available more quickly. This makes it easy to distinguish between staff, contractors, emergency services and visitors.

Optimal lift control boosts safety and efficiency. By giving emergency doctors priority, for example. Or by ensuring that the lift does not stop when an employee transporting dangerous goods is in the lift. Which groups get which priorities is entirely up to you. 100 % tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Clear visualisation & monitoring

Still want to go one step further? Perhaps your lift system has the possibility to connect with Modbus TCP/IP. In this case, the lifts are easily visualised and monitored on our floor plans.

A broad range of options. The Synguard open management platform does the job.

Want to raise lift control within your organisation to a higher level?