Badge readers with potential

Synguard access control badge reader overview

The classic among readers is the badge reader. A badge gives you easy access to certain rooms. However, nowadays you can also use most badge readers with your smartphone. After all, it is on the rise in access control, so keeping up with the latest trends is the only way to go.

That is why all major brands of badge readers now offer secure OSDP readers that are mobile enabled via bluetooth and/or NFC. A real boost for the options for mobile applications in an access control system. You will be totally prepared for the future.

A badge reader must not only be future-proof, safety is also a requirement. That is why Synguard only proposes readers that work within the 'end-to-end security' principle. This means that every communication between badge, badge reader and controller is protected by encryption keys. This way you can be sure that there will be no unwanted access through your access control system.

The badge readers in our range: Idesco, HID and STid.

Synguard overview badge readers with QR code reader access control

Many visitors? Then go for QR code readers. This makes it easy for visitors to gain (one-off) access to a particular area, while employees can simply enter with their badge.

The QR code readers in our range: STid  and Nedap Identification Systems.

SynRea MIFARE Synguard access control

A flush-mounted reader with door controller developed by Synguard offers an efficient solution when many ‘simple’ doors are located close together. These specially designed readers are extremely suitable for use in buses, allowing you to save on a lot of cabling.

SynRea IP reader Feig Synguard access control

An IP reader is the solution of choice in places with ubiquitous networking. In larger networks, the connection cost is usually lower than for classic access control systems.


The IP readers in our range: Feig

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