Access management - more than access control

An organisation with challenging needs requires a highly reliable access control management system. Synguard combines the right know-how for secure and future-proof technology with a hands-on approach. Simple, all-in-one and scalable. Discover the most complete solution, implemented by a team of experts.

Open management platform

Manage your different technologies in one user-friendly platform. Not only access management, but also your fire and intrusion control systems, lifts, lockers...


  • Easy management of all your technologies
  • Work with your preferred brands, thanks to open technologies
  • Visualise your security technologies easily on floor plans
  • Verification of alarms thanks to CCTV images
  • Fully customisable
  • Alarm handling

All Synguard solutions

Synguard open mangement platform access control

Access control

Control who has access to your buildings – where and when, with our highly scalable solution.

Synguard open mangement platform visitor registration

Visitor registration

Receive your visitors warmly and automatically, from the very first invitation. Whether they check in with a receptionist or at the self-service kiosk.

Synguard open mangement platform parking mangement

Parking management

Make optimal use of your parking space and enjoy easy management. No worries about who can park where for how long. Invoicing is also automatic. Efficiency is key.

Synguard open mangement platform cloud access management

Synguard cloud

Our digitalised society requires an excellent cloud service. One that guarantees 100% safety. The Synguard cloud makes it happen.

Synguard open mangement platformintegrations & interfaces

Integrations & interfaces

Interfaces and integrations with other systems, that's our middle name. You can be sure of a personalised, user-friendly and flexible solution.

Synguard open mangement platform hardware


The Synguard software and hardware for access management are 100% in-house developments and fully compatible. With our controllers and the best OEM hardware on the market, you're safe.

Synguard open management platform pack, a solution for small systems

Synguard Packs

Even in small systems, access control needs to be up to scratch. Synguard has put together a plug & play package especially for this purpose.

Synguard open mangement platform workforce management-01

Workforce management

Need help with your time registration, personnel planning and project registration? The time management software provided by Syntegro – Synguard's sister company – offers the workforce management solutions you are looking for.