Highly flexible intrusion protection

Synguard open management platform inbraakbeveiliging

Intrusion protection as an added value for your company... Absolutely! It can even be fully integrated into the Synguard open management platform thanks to bi-directional communication with the relevant panel. No need for full integration? Do you want to operate the alarm with your badge, for example? This is another option, through a simple exchange of i/O contacts.

Intrusion protection

Prevent false alarms by blocking access to certain badge readers and/or users when the alarm is switched on? Or enhance the user experience by operating the alarm with a badge or even the palm of your hand? The interactions between the access management and intrusion system create numerous possibilities.

Moreover, you can easily use our calculation engine between the intrusion alarm and the other connected solutions. Bridging a burglary zone when someone takes a key from the key cabinet, for example. Or triggering an intrusion alarm if the server room door is left open too long. It’s up to you.

Simple management in one place

Fully display and manage your intrusion protection system in one clear platform. Sounds like music to the ears. Thanks to our Modbus TPC/IP integration, you can easily process all intrusion notifications and elements in the Synguard alarm environment and floor plans. This way, the intrusion protection remains clear to oversee.

The Inim Smartliving control units are a smart and high-quality choice when it comes to intrusion detection. After all, they are already interfaced and tested with the open management platform. In addition, the Modbus TCP/IP integration as a universal protocol can also be used for other types of intrusion detection systems that support this protocol.

As you can see, you can do anything with the Synguard intrusion protection.

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