Access control tailored to each user

You want an access control system for 10 or 200,000 users. Preferably one that grows with your business and is end-to-end secure. With the smart, flexible and simple Synguard solutions, you can rest assured.

Synguard = a complete & highly configurable access control system

  • 100% web-based
  • Available in the cloud or on-premise installation
  • End-to-end secured
  • Uniform web interface for administration, use and configuration, without client software installation
  • Application developed for multi-site and -user environments
  • Unlimited scalability

Synguard access control expandable with different (related) modules and functions within the same database and interface? Anything is possible. Discover all our modules.

Access control that simplifies the life of your users

Not every user has the same authorisations. While some people only get a badge to get in, others can also log into the access control application. They receive a personal, role-based login. An easy way to determine who has which authorisations and useful to prevent employees from seeing information they are not authorised to see.

A receptionist, for example, can only add badges and view the floor plan, while the administrator is authorised for all actions and screens. And there’s quite some advantages to that. It makes it possible to comply with GDPR legislation and it’s a boost to the user-friendliness of your access control. Users only get to see the menus they can actually use.

The flexibility of Synguard? Responding to your needs and those of all our other customers. For example, we developed a solution for employees who forget their badge. They can temporarily use another badge available in a key cabinet. The cabinet contains badges without access rights. When someone identifies themselves with their personal code or biometric identification, the access rights of that person will temporarily be written on the empty badge. This will take quite some worries away from your staff. After all, they no longer have to deal with temporary badges on a daily basis.

A staff member is absent. Access control to the rescue?

Yes! Because you choose which user controls or views which function. Replacements are also easy to designate, making it possible to automatically assign the necessary authorisations in case of absence. Definitely convenient when the receptionist is on holiday and is being replaced by a colleague. Because the replacement can now easily add badges, while he can usually only retrieve reports, for example.

Flexible access control

Synguard access control profiles who where when

Can a team member enter a certain room now, but not in an hour? With Synguard's access control, you can easily determine who is allowed to enter a particular place at a specific time. The where and when can easily be combined in an access profile, allowing you to quickly give several people the same access.

Need a (temporary) exception? Got it! No problem.

Reporting in 1 click

Generate the desired reports in no time... No worries. Thanks to Synguard's access management, this is child's play. Not only for access control, but for all our solutions. How does it work?

  • Choose from a large number of predefined reports.
  • Set up the report with the necessary filters.
  • Generate the report in a format of your choice: HTML, pdf, CVS or Excel.

Do you often need a particular report with those specific filters and settings? Then save it, with the right filters and settings. This allows you to make reports with a single click at a later time. Or generate and mail them automatically. That is even easier.

A total solution with a maximum of possibilities

Because we believe in open solutions, you get to choose what your access control looks like. Do you want ordinary wired badge readers or do you need wireless door fittings? Or maybe you prefer to use biometric readers. Synguard offers a wide range of options.  And all that in 1 platform. Our own developed hardware does the magic.

Synguard access management - a solution for your business?