Why is ISO-27001 certification so important when choosing cloud solutions?

ISO-27001 certification: The company holds the information necessary to design, develop, configure, implement, manage and maintain access control solutions for companies and governments through partners.

Digitalisation is also taking place in the world of physical security. In this rapidly evolving world of information technology, cloud solutions have become an essential tool for businesses and organisations to support and enhance their operations. When choosing a cloud solution, it is crucial to pay attention to the quality and maturity of the solution and the manufacturer. An ISO-27001 certification indicates that a software, as well as the organisation that develops it, ensures quality, security and reliability. In this blog, we will elaborate on why ISO-27001 is so important when choosing a cloud solution in our world of physical security. 

What is ISO-27001?

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is a global organisation that sets standards for various industries and sectors. ISO certifications are independent assessments that demonstrate that a service, product or organisation meets international standards and guidelines. ISO 27001 is an ISO standard for information security. The standard specifies requirements for:

  • establishing,
  • implementing,
  • implement,
  • control,
  • assessing,
  • track
  • and improve a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS) in the context of the overall business risks to the organisation.

The standard specifies requirements for the implementation of security measures tailored to the needs of individual organisations or parts thereof.

Why is ISO-27001 important for cloud solutions?

Quality and reliability: ISO certification ensures that cloud service providers offer their services according to internationally recognised standards. It gives users assurance that the services are reliable and meet the highest quality standards.

Information security: Ensuring data security is a crucial aspect of cloud services. ISO 27001 certification is a common standard for information security. By choosing a cloud service provider with this certification, companies can be confident that their sensitive data is stored and processed securely.

Data protection: With the various privacy laws (GDPR, AVG, etc.), protecting personal data is becoming increasingly important. An ISO 27701 data protection certification shows that a cloud service provider meets data protection and privacy requirements.

Efficiency and effectiveness: ISO certifications emphasise the importance of efficient processes and effective management. Selecting an ISO-27001 certified cloud service provider can lead to improved performance, reduced risk and higher customer satisfaction.

Take-away message

Choosing the right cloud service provider is an important decision for any business or organisation. An ISO-27001 certification offers valuable guarantees about the quality, security and reliability of cloud services.

By choosing an ISO-certified cloud service provider, companies can enjoy the benefits of standardised processes, robust security and reliable services. It is essential to pay attention to the presence of ISO-27001 certification when evaluating a cloud solution, so you can confidently move to the cloud and take your business to new heights.

We are also pleased to mention that Synguard has renewed its ISO certification.

By achieving ISO 27001 certification, Synguard meets international standards for information security. This means they have implemented robust security measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

Customers who choose Synguard can be confident that their data is in safe hands and that they are working with a trusted cloud service provider.